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Should You Use VERO For Marketing Your Brand?

It’s been a dramatic week for the social media landscape, with the sudden rise of Vero, a platform founded in 2015 that achieve a dramatic, if somewhat artificial, entrance into the mainstream. But do you need to join in on the hype for this ‘new’ app? So what is Vero? So it’s both easy and hard to explain – the main characteristic covered by press and influencers is praising it as “like Instagram before the algorithm” which isn’t entirely accurate. It’s more like the functionality of Facebook or even MySpace with some of the design attributes of Instagram. You can […]

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Searching for Love – A Valentine’s Infographic

One of the fascinating things about working in SEO is the insights you gain about human behavior. With Valentine’s Day arriving tomorrow, we’ve had a look under the hood of Google to see just want the British public look for in love. For instance, did you know Plenty of Fish has more monthly searches than Tinder? So despite the gains in app popularity, a lot of the population still likes a good, old-fashioned free dating website. Also, there are way more searches for engagement rings than wedding rings – does this mean that the options are too varied or just […]

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Unique London Venues for Your Next Event

The London event venues landscape is full of amazing options but can be daunting, and for any brand planning a signature affair finding the right space is crucial. You want to set the tone, ensure catering is of the highest quality and create a special experience for your guest. With the advent of Instagram, and especially if you are planning an influencer event, the location can make or break the social media impact your event can have. I’ve sourced the best new and exciting venues in London which are the perfect location for a unique brand or influencer event. They […]

How To Get More Brand Collaborations as An Influencer

So your ‘gram is on point, your page views are through the roof, but one thing’s not quite clicking…where’s the money? If you’re an influencer who has done everything right but you don’t seem to be getting many sponsored opportunities from brands, here are some things that may be getting in your way.   1. Your contact details are hidden I can understand the appeal of avoiding spammers through a deconstructed email address or hiding behind a contact form, but if us advertisers can’t see a clear way to communicate we may just give up. Keep in mind that most […]

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How to Easily Increase Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority, or DA for short, is a third party measurement of the strength of a website against Google’s backlink algorithm. It was created by MOZ, an SEO software supplier, as a way to get a more detailed alternative to Google’s now defunct PageRank. Domain Authority tries to emulate the hundreds of link factors Google looks at – and while we roughly know what these are, the exact calculation is under lock and key. Therefore, DA is intended to give a rough idea of how well strong the links to a website are/. It does not take into consideration any […]