We produce one of a kind events that generate lasting relationships and extraordinary levels of social buzz. From the guest list, to location styling, to world class entertainment; we make sure every moment is Instagram ready. 


Workshops are the ideal setting to introduce a new product and highlight key characteristics of your brand. We work with businesses on creative and interactive workshops with influencers perfect for your target audience.


Influencer trips create hero moments for your brand; whether you are a travel specialist or looking to create a full multimedia story. Surprisingly affordable, trips can create a great value exchange to reach high tier, international influencers.

Social Reach

Influencer events generate extensive social reach through coverage on third party accounts. They provide the perfect opportunity to reach your audience through multimedia touch points. Our events are set up to provide through social performance analytics against agreed KPIs, including:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • New Followers on your Brand accounts
  • Brand Searches
  • Assisted Conversions
  • New Customers

Brand Growth

Events create branded narrative opportunites that can last long after the day. Stylish assets can be used within your conversion funnel at different customer touchpoints. Influencer endorsement can be targeted to your audience to put you front and centre in the customer's mind - Influencers are now the most effective marketing tactic to reach millenial and generation z audiences, an estimated 42% of the population.

Our events include full strategy planning and reporting to deliver results ongoing, not just in the moment. 

Increased Revenue

Our team has the perfect mixture of creative and analytical skills, setting us apart from other digital agencies. While we believe everything we do for you should be beautiful, we also understand that measurement is important for all stakeholders. 

We use our commerical marketing experience to provide you with the full results, including revenue and return on investment. We always strive to deliver events on budgets that make sense for you...and your accountant.

Your Next Influencer Event

Whether you're new to the area or keen to amp up your influencer marketing, we're here to collaborate with you on your next beautiful event. co-haute have international influencer event planning experience, based on creative ideas, beautiful locations, and exciting experiences. We can handle every step, from offering you multiple groundbreaking options in the proposal stage through to prospecting the right attendees and then ensuring KPIs and coverage.

Your next event can be something to set the social media world ablaze with beautiful content that lasts beyond the moment. We use event marketing to kick off opportunities in branding, data analytics, and cohort analysis - reaching an audience far beyond just your attendees, giving you the opportunity to create a VIP experience for a wider audience. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can grow your business, together.

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